Nautilus Jukebox

Digital radio automation

More than 20 years of field experience, and the feedbacks from our users helped us to create the most advanced user interface (AUI) for your radio station automation.
Regardless if it is a multi-output network station, or just a single stream, we offer a sizeable, configurable broadcast software for your everyday work. The simplified design together with the self-explaining new icons, makes the learning curve short, and the long-time use of the software relaxing.

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Radio Automation

Music scheduling

NAUTILUS DJ is a powerful music scheduling system for broadcast radio, or internet streams.
Multi-level rule system for every category, and every hour to keep your sound consistent, yet make all positions scheduled. Powerful statistics help you if you want to adjust the playlist manually. In addition our system automatically imports traffic logs, schedules jingles, Ids, and all other elements to get a complete playlist.

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NAUTILUS DJ Music Scheduling
NAUTILUS AdLine commercial scheduler software

Traffic scheduler, and billing software

Historical, and current data analysis Allocation management Avails of your broadcast station. Automatic rate-card handling.
Comprehensive reporting, with excel reporting option Historical, and current data analysis Allocation management Avails based automatic rate-card handling. Comprehensive reporting, with excel reporting option

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NAUTILUS AdLine Commercial Scheduler

News gathering editing software

This program is an integral part of our radio automation system NAUTILUS JUKEBOX, but you can also run it independently. You can edit any of your information, news wires. All information can be categorized into subgroups to help sorting them. The number of workstations depends only on your needs. The newscaster can read the news live from the screen as from autocue, or it can be recorded in advance. You can assign as many soundbytes as you need.

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NAUTILUS NEWS news gathering and editing tool

Single station, a multi transmitter network, or a small netcast radio? We have a configuration for you...

To best fit your needs, we offer software demonstrations via Viber. If you would like to learn more about how NAUTILUS can help your station(s) meet the daily tasks better, please contact us today. Please fill out the form below and our sales representative will contact you.