NAUTILUS AdLine is a sales, and revenue management software for your radio or TV station


  • automatic yield management
  • flexible rate card handling
  • automatic handling of BTA pricing
  • possibility of individual pricing for each customer
  • multi level commission system
  • Avails can be monitored any time
  • delicate system of applicable surcharges
  • confirmation


  • Commercials can be scheduled automatically, or manually
  • fixed blocks, or daypart scheduling
  • Horizontal rotation – In automatic mode similar rules are used, as in music scheduling to achieve better customer reach
  • Automatic type separation to avoid same type clashes
  • Air schedules acknowledgements could be send via E-mail
  • piggy back – two commercials scheduled in one block from the same advertiser
  • each order can contain  multiple commercials


The built in invoicing module will automatically use the discounts, and surcharges according to your ratecards, and additional settings. It can also add the affidavits with the air times.

  • BTA – Best Time Available
  • Bonuses
  • Gratis spots


avails can be seen in daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly
powerful comparison chart to previous times, helps to make decisions

analyze the accounts receivables, and bad debts