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The First Product in the Newest Generation of  ORBAN Audio Processors

The OPTIMOD 5950 is a compact 1 RU design and offers a powerful package of features including Orban’s breakthrough MX Peak Limiter technology. Equipped with a high-resolution touch display and the ability to be controlled remotely via any HTML5 web browser, the OPTIMOD 5950 combines user-friendly operation with the highest quality OPTIMOD audio processing for FM and DAB+/HD Radio broadcasts.

With its analog, AES3, composite and digital MPX, and AES67/SMPTE-ST2110 inputs and outputs, the OPTIMOD 5950 can easily be integrated in any studio and transmitter environment. Additionally, optional μMPX allows a cost-effective transmission of digital MPX signals over IP. The OPTIMOD 5950 is equipped with Orban’s latest audio processing features including the MX Peak Limiter to decrease distortion, a Subharmonic Synthesizer for a punchy bass and a Multipath Mitigator/Phase that reduces multipath distortion without compromising stereo separation. Its onboard RDS/RBDS generator supports dynamic PS scrolling and IP access. A complete set of measurement tools including oscilloscope and FFT are available for monitoring audio signals. Additionally, Ember+ and SNMP v2 protocols are supported for remote control and monitoring.

OPTIMOD 5750 front view


The First Product in the Newest Generation of ORBAN Audio Processors

OPTIMOD 5750 is equipped with analog, AES3, composite and digital MPX as well as AES67/SMPTE-ST2110 inputs and outputs and can easily be integrated in any studio and transmitter environment. Additionally, optional μMPX allows a cost-effective transmission of digital MPX signals over IP.

It offers four processing structures which can be selected depending on the user’s application and requirements: Five-Band, Low-Latency Five-Band, Ultra-Low-Latency Five-Band and Two-Band. An intelligent two-band window-gated AGC controls the levels subtly and unobtrusively.

The “True Peak” limiter in the digital processing path anticipates and controls peak levels following D/A conversion, a feature now required by many broadcasters.

The defeatable ITU BS.412 Multiplex Power Controller constrains MPX power smoothly and reliably, ensuring compliance in countries that regulate it.

OPTIMOD 5750 provides ITU-R BS.1770-4 Loudness Control which facilitates compliance with modern target loudness recommendations like EBU R128.

OPTIMOD Trio front view


The First Product in the Newest Generation of ORBAN Audio Processors

Compact in its design but big in functionality: OPTIMOD Trio can be configured as AM Audio Processor, as FM Audio Processor or alternatively as HD Radio/DAB+/Streaming Audio Processor. In the HD Mode, Trio is even suitable for TV audio processing. No matter if you need to have a flexible backup unit, your requirements for an audio processor might change or if you simply want your audio to sound the best it can, OPTIMOD Trio does the job.


Five band digital audio processor

  • Stereo enhancer
  • Two band AGC
  • Five band processing
  • MX processing structures
  • MPX skew handling
  • Final clipper
  • MPX processing
  • built in RDS coder
  • Remote control via internet
  • digital MPX to NAUTEL digital transmitters

The OPTIMOD 8700i Audio Processor has exclusive features such as Xponential Loudness which brings hyper-compressed music back to life, revealing detail and increasing impact while reducing listening fatigue and distortion. With its Multipath Mitigator phase corrector multipath distortion can be reduced without compromising the stereo separation and thanks to the Subharmonic Synthesizer modern-sounding bass punch can be added to older recordings. It provides you with Orban’s MX limiter technology which lowers distortion, improves transient punch, and minimizes preemphasis-induced high frequency loss. Further outstanding features are the Dante interface which provides dual-redundant AoIP with AES67 support, its digital MPX interface, a built-in streaming server for monitoring purposes and monitored and alarmed dual redundant power supplies as well as safety bypass relays for carefree 24/7 operation.

Elenos ETG

ETG series transmitters

ETG 150, ETG 500, ETG 1000, ETG 2000


The 2U line maximizes the concept of energy efficiency, compactness and reliability that have steered the design over the past ten years. All the transmitters in this line are extremely compact and light, which makes for easier installation and lower transportation costs.

The high energy efficiency also allows for a much lower operating cost.

Because of intelligent protocols, Icefet technology, and Lifextender algorithms this product line is also characterized by extremely high reliability and high performance even under extreme operating conditions.

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