NAUTILUS Jukebox Radio Automation

From the beginning we were developing our radio automation system together with real radio personnel. This is how we were able to create a user-friendly interface which can be configured for every needs.  The screen configuration can be changed even during the show.

All songs, jingles, or any other sound file can be reached in an organized manner, in the same fashion as in you smart phone. Thus the learning curve is extremely steep.  Even the most advanced radio tasks are simplified with our preprogrammed complex elements.

The system can run as a standalone product, or in a group of ON-AIR machines, and workstations. The built-in recorder and editor helps the user to work ahead.

NAUTILUS DJ Music Scheduling

Scheduling music, jingles, promos, and even inserting commercials in one powerful software

This program is a complex scheduling system capable of handling not only your musics, but also your Jingle sets, IDs, and even your NEWS and commercial inserts. Your songs can be assigned into categories, your categories can be sorted into groups, called folders. Each song can be assigned to as many folders as necessary. The rules within these folders, and the freely definable packet sizes amongst the categories can help the entry level music director, and could be a very powerful tool in the hands of a pro.  You can define as many clocks as required for your day by day scheduling. The software works perfectly with its radio automation part called NAUTILUS JUKEBOX.

Commercial Scheduling

NAUTILUS AdLine is our commercial scheduler.

  • Client database
  • Agency database
  • Multi level ratecards, and yield management
  • Avails statistics
  • Automatic scheduling, with topic clash avoidance
  • Several statistical functions with exportable tables
  • built-in billing, and bad debt analysis

News gathering and editing

NAUTILUS NEWS News gathering, editing, recording, and delivery system

NAUTILUS NEWS is our news gathering, and editing module

  • several workstation could work together
  • news can be separated by topic, and importance
  • text import from many news sources
  • recording functions, for ON-AIR delivery
  • insert previously recorded reports into news blocks
  • powerful search function helps to find news in the database
  • create news blocks from earlier recorded sound files
  • handling different versions (ON-AIR, website…)

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