How can I try the system?2016-12-03T09:40:06+02:00

We can make you an online demo, and we can give you an access to our virtual machine for test. If you like it we can install a demo system at your site.

What are the hardware requirements?2016-06-07T08:59:09+02:00

The system runs on PC with W7, W8, or W10. We suggest to use i3, i5 PC with at least 4 GB of RAM.

What type of soundcard will I need?2016-12-03T09:40:53+02:00

The system could run on any Windows compatible card, even on the motherboard cards. Though we suggest to choose better soundcard for the best sound quality.

What kind of files can I play?2016-12-03T09:41:02+02:00

You can use linear, or compressed files such as WAV, PCM, FLC, MP2, MP3. As the hard drive prices went down we suggest to use the linear formats.

Can I mix different file formats during playback?2016-12-03T09:41:12+02:00

Of course. All format (.WAV, .PCM, .FLV, .MPEG .LII, .MP3, .AAC, .MP4) can be mixed by the system.

Can I import my existing database into Nautilus2016-12-03T09:41:21+02:00

Yes, you can. There are some existing automation systems for which we already have import module, but we can import your sound files too. If you have tagged files, the tags will be automatically imported into the system.

Can I use third party music scheduler?2016-12-03T09:41:30+02:00

Yes. Our system is working seamlessly with RCS Selector, MusicMaster, and PowerGold.

Can I create music logs for music licensing companies?2016-12-03T09:41:38+02:00

Yes you can. Those rules are different from country to country, but our system can be configured for every need.

Do I have an output for my website/RDS2016-12-03T09:41:46+02:00

Yes. Our system is equipped with an export module. The export module can send out information about the current element on air to your web site in XML format, and we can control your RDS coder vie UECP standard. Even TA (Traffic Announcement) is handled automatically.

Is it possible to work parallel on the system?2016-12-03T09:41:54+02:00

You can setup the system in different studios to work ahead. Each user can adjust his/her part of the show without disturbing each other. “Placeholders” keep different part of the show separately.

Can I work remotely?2016-12-03T09:42:22+02:00

You can run the system from anywhere. You can record, edit your voicetracks from anywhere yet your show could sound as if you were in the studio. This way several DJs can run your station from different locations without even being in the same studio. Recently one of our customer has started a morning show, from a moving tram…

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