Comprehensive news gathering, and editing even for multi stations

This program is an integral part of our radio automation system NAUTILUS JUKEBOX, but you can also run it independently. You can edit any of your information, news wires. All information can be categorized into subgroups to help sorting them. The number of workstations depends only on your needs. The newscaster can read the news live from the screen as from autocue, or it can be recorded in advance. You can assign as many soundbytes as you need.

Key features:
news gathereing editor
parallel operation due to multiple workstation possibility
autocue function for live news presentation
multiple soundbytes possibility for each news items
can work standalone, or seamlessy operates with our JUKEBOX system

Key benefits:
newscasters work is no longer restricted by your newscast schedule
each news can be read in advance and edited to perfectness
each news can be recorded for each shift
easily operates with any news wire system
very fast learning curve

You can access all news from the main screen, where the upcoming blocks, and history for each news can also be seen.