NAUTILUS JUKEBOX is a powerful digital radio automation software.
More than 20 years of field experience, and the feedbacks from thousand of users helped us to create the most advanced user interface (AUI) for your radio station automation.

The whole user interface is modular so we can configure it to your needs. Regardless if it is a multi-output network station, or just a single stream, we offer a sizeable, configurable solution for your everyday work.

The simplified design together with the self-explaining new icons, makes the learning curve short, and the long-time use of the software relaxing.

NAUTILUS JUKEBOX Radio automation main screen

You can configure your user interface according your needs. Up to four full HD screen can be used for your station. Elements of the user interface:

  • Player – multiple player, or CUE windows
  • Playlist – the list of the upcoming events: songs, jingles, liners, news, commercials a.s.o.
  • Time-line: multi-track editor for graphic representation of the playlist
  • VTX editor – the built-in Voice Track editor
  • Sound file cue point editor
  • Cart wall – multiple cart walls can be defined
  • file search -powerful search function for finding any sound
  • last play panel
  • tag search
  • time predict window

The built in voice track (VTX) editor makes any 3rd party editor unnecessary. The powerful select and move commands by the mouse are completed with the window like short cuts like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+D

Built-in Voice Tracks Editor
Broadcast automation points setup

To help the system work smarter, you can setup volume points for each songs:

  • Starting point
  • Ending point
  • Three CUE points
  • Loop points (START/END)
  • Hook/Refrain points (START/END)
  • NEXT point (where the next song should start in automatic mixing mode)
  • Fade out point
  • End point

Each song could get different versions and those points are store for each version

To avoid scattered playlists you can join certain elements in the show into one unit. All the necessary mixing of those elements can be done separately, and it works as if you would use a simple mixdown. We called this BOX-ed element, because you can open it, edit it any time, but if you want to move it, all the elements in the “BOX” will move together.

With the NAUTILUS Broadcast Macro Language (NBML) you can pre-define lists of elements which can be freely inserted into the show. With NBML you can insert certain sound files, or a group of files from which the system can automatically choose the appropriate one.

Almost all elements can be fasten up with the rule based macros. You can create teasers, weather forecasts, traffic announcements, phone-in games, or even HIT Lists more easier with the structured language.

Fixed elements, and placeholders can help to keep the strict rhythm of your station, and let your team to work parallel, on multiple workstations, even on different locations. Manual, Live Assist, and full automatic mode gives the opportunity to use the software in the most convenient way for the given task.

Live loop function, and dynamic editing capabilities gives the flexibility for the staff to make an enjoyable show.
Compatible with 3rd party music scheduler
Jingles, IDs, sweepers can be scheduled dynamically into you playlist
Powerful radio networking
METADATA export for your website, or RDS control

Automation systems could destroy the “feeling” of radio. To avoid making “flat” talk-overs we have invented the “rehease mode”. In this mode the talent can work as it would be in real-time, in live, but everything is recorded into the system, and he can adjust the result later.

When you are running a morning show it is hard to be on time with the fixed elements. To overcome this we have implemented a downcounter which can show you the remaining time of your current talk element to meet the next fixed element


When you are running a radio network with local materials you will need a monitoring, controlling software to synchronze your operation. With NAUTILUS JUKEBOX MULTI you can edit both central, and local materials easily.

Recently most radio stations are running additional streams to supplement their ON-AIR operation to attract more listeners. To manage these satellite streams we offer the MULTI JUKEBOX, which can stream up to 16 different channels from one CPU.

Main advantages of NAUTILUS JUKEBOX Multi:

  • Effective: it runs on one CPU and one talent can manage all the shows
  • The built-in non-destructive editor makes it possible to create multiple mix-out from the same voice tracks.
  • Easy overview of the operiations
  • Better show without much effort due to our sophisticated automatic xfading module
  • Listener targeted commercial blocks for each channel
Single control surface for the Multiple Jukebox

The main control surface is almost identical with the JUKEBOX except there is a selector for changing between the different shows.

Selector screen for controlling multiple shows

Station overview screen

NAUTILUS JUKEBOX MULTI will display the playlist of all connected shows.  The inner calculation for each show helps you to be on time with every playlist. With network stations you can create groups with Master/Slave mode.

Our experience taught us, that every shift, every announcer needs different settings, so our software offer them configurable user interface settings. The multi workstation configuration lets different shifts working parallel on the same day without disturbing each other work on the Playlist.

The system is designed for running on Windows 7, 8 or 10, with any Windows compatible sound card, but it can also run on virtualized machine too.